Friday, July 1, 2011

Fourth of July School Parade

{Otherwise known as Mitchell just wanted to be held}

His school had a little parade today and I debated about whether to go or not.  I decided to attend, but probably shouldn't have, becuase he cried for me to hold him as soon as he spotted me, and then cried really hard when I handed him back over to his teacher so I could return to the office.  Oh, working motherhood, I do despise you sometimes.

But I did get a few cute shots of either him or his classmates.  And isn't that the whole reason I subjected him (and myself) to that in the first place?

I think this is the only one of him that is remotely close to a smile.  Don't you just love Maddie's little ringlets?

The whole group of Bumblebees (I think that is their class name, not sure, as I just refer to it as the Toddler room or the young 2's)

Also, please note that Mitchell has on one red sock and one white.  The red one is part of a pair of Elmo socks that he got in his Easter basket from John's parents.  He hasn't cared to wear them once, ever, but this a.m. he wanted them on and I could only find one of them so hence the mis-matched sock.  Just not a battle worth fighting!

This one totally cracked me up.  Don't they just look thrilled to be there?

He held Maddie's hand for approximately 20 seconds and then immediately wanted to be held the rest of the time.  So much for marching!

With some of the teachers. The sweet blonde one behind M is his most favorite person ever, Miss Kristen.  She was his teacher in the Wobblers room and we hated to leave her when he moved up.  Not to worry though, she is a very reliable and frequent babysitter at our house!

We were treated to lots of songs and marching by the older classes.  They really got into it!

Happy 4th all.  Be safe & have fun!
Thanks to all who serve our country and keep us safe & free.

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