Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, in a few hours we're heading to the hospital for me to be induced. Hopefully Mitchell will make his appearance some time tomorrow (if he doesn't then we're really going to have evidence that he is a super laid back personality). I am a bit nervous about being induced, but on the other hand I really am excited that it's here after all of these months of waiting to meet my sweet son. I just hope that my body reacts well to the induction and that things move along smoothly. We appreciate all of the prayers, wishes for good luck and support that we've been given by so many people.

I will post details and pics as soon as possible!

Brooke & John

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun Things for Mitchell

The mail today came with not one, but two packages of sweet surprises for Mitchell.

The first one I opened came from my friend Tracy and her new business, Little Bittle Designs. She sent a cute monogrammed swaddling blanket and a fun bib with his name on it.

So cute, thanks Tracy!

The second one came from Mitchell's "great" aunts Lynn & Barbara in Denver. The cute little onesie has a black bear on it and says "Bear Hug", with the bear's arms stretching alllll the way around to the back of the onesie. I can't wait to see the our little bear in it! They also sent a sweet little stuffed reindeer.

We are so lucky that Mitchell is already so loved. Thanks to everyone for all that you have done for him, and for us!