Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jumping Back In

I know. I get it. My throngs of faithful readers (Ok, the four or five people who actually read it) have let me know that the absence on the blog is not to be tolerated any longer.

The alternate title for this post should be "OK, so maybe I won't post pictures soon" or "Sorry I took three months off".

But, in light of the fact that I've had my hands full with this little guy....

I just haven't really managed to find the time to sit down and blog. Heck, I've barely managed to post pictures of him here, but I have done it at the urging of all of our out of town family!

But really, when you have something this cute to play with all day...

...well, then why would you do anything else???


Since he arrived 11 weeks ago today, Mitchell has been a true joy to his daddy and me.

Not like he woudn't be anyway, but this has also been a season of sadness for my family (see more about that here and here, maybe I will manage a post about our sweet John one of these days), and having this new little precious life to treasure has been a true comfort to me as well.

Seeing as how I think Mitchell and I spent more than half of the month of September in Birmingham, I didn't exactly have a lot of time to be blogging either. But speaking of the car, I just have to say what a good little traveler my son is. He doesn't mind his car seat at all, (clearly, since he also slept nights in it for weeks) and he definitely won the trooper award for the number of times I clicked that seat in, loaded up our bags and headed south during my maternity leave. I am so thankful that everything happened during that time so that I was able to just drop everything and go, but at times I did worry about how it was affecting Mitchell, and of course it took us away from Daddy a lot of the time since he did have to stick around and work. However, Mitchell seemed to know that something was going on and he was so sweet through it all. For that, he has earned enough gold stars to last him well into toddlerhood!

Since then, he has been busy eating and growing, cooing and playing, all while being incredibly cute. For the most part he is an easy, happy baby.

We have spent a much more relaxed October, while I tried to savor the precious moments I have left with Mitchell before having to go back to work. He starts daycare on November 2, which will be my first day back to work full time as well. My mom and John's parents have been such a godsend to keep him on the days that I do work, and I am so thankful that they both live close enough to see him on a regular basis.

I promise, I will post more often and will try to do some catch up posts about the last 10 weeks! One last pic...

Happy Fall!